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Photographer Louis Grenier started a new photography business—selling divorce albums. Grenier said he would stay with the couple during the divorce proceedings, taking candid shots. “It will be a record of how things were,” he said, “to serve as a warning to both parties so they won’t let things get that bad again the next time around.” He set a basic fee of $200 a day.

Jesus speaks into the culture to remind us that we don't steward only possessions, but we steward relationships as well. Though we live in a fallen world where marriages end for all kinds of reasons, sometimes good ones and sometimes despite the best effort of one spouse. God intends our marriages to be lifelong. He intends us to steward that relationship until the end, the way Christ cares for His bride until the end. What happens if you have divorced? What does the Bible say about remarriage? Find out in a two-week teaching starting August 22nd.


  • Nevada has the highest divorce rates in the US, whereas Iowa has the lowest. 
  • Marriage divorce statistics reveal that roughly every 36 seconds, there is a divorce occurring somewhere in the US. 
  • A couple currently going through their first divorce is aged 30 on average. 
  • In the US, experts today put your chances at getting divorced at 39%