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This Sunday, June 2nd, Pastor Trevor will speaking on the topic: What is a Disciple?

In the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 we are told to go and make disciples of all the nations. So, what is a disciple?

This Friday, May 31st is our Outdoor Moive Night. Join us to watch Super MarioBrothers on a giant inflatable screen under the stars.  We'll provide free popcorn & drinks and YOU bring your "ONE" and their family to join us for a low-key, family-friendly event. Check out for a full list of summer fun!

Summer Small Group Term Info:

Please don’t let organized childcare keep you from meeting.  We're encouraging small groups to keep gathering as much as possible this summer. Why not switch things up and have some relaxed, family-friendly get-togethers instead of the usual structured meetings?

Here are a few ideas: a backyard BBQ, a meetup at the city park, game nights, or grabbing a treat at Sonic during happy hour. Get creative and have fun together and include your kids in the adventures!  After all, people who play together, stay together!

If your group feels it simply can't function without childcare, please reach out to Jen Jones, and she’ll be glad to provide names of potential babysitters.

FOR THE SMALL GROUP LEADER:  CLICK HERE for the Small Group Leader Guide