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Here are some copy-and-paste scripts to get the conversation started with someone you want to invite to church this Easter!

Example #1: Hey! I’m up at church today, and they just announced everything they’re doing on Easter Sunday. Sounds like it’s going to be amazing. Does your family have plans this Easter?

Example #2 Hey, I'm at church this morning. Is there anything I can be praying for you about?

Example #3 Hey, I’m at church, and they just talked about what we’re doing for Easter. Does your family already have Easter plans?

Example #4 Sounds like my church is going to do some really fun things for the children this Easter! Do you want to bring the kids?

Example #5 Easter Sunday is next week! Do you guys have plans? I’d love for you to come to church and lunch with us if you don’t.

Example #6 Easter is this Sunday! Do you want to come to church with me?

Example #7 This weekend is one of the most fun for my family, especially our kids! We would love for you and your kids to join us for Easter this Sunday! Can you make it?

Example #8 Do you have plans this Easter? We would love to spend some time with you at Church!

Example #9 Hey [Insert First Name]! I’m sitting in church this morning and realized Easter is only 2 Sundays away. If you don’t have plans, I would love for you to come sit with me at Great Commission Church!