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 Jesus issued the Great Commission by saying “All authority has been given to me… Go… and make disciples. “When you truly believe Jesus is in control of all things, and he is with you, the way you pray, the way you live, the way you serve and the way you evangelize will change. In conclusion… Let me remind you what “All authority” means… Jesus has authority over Satan and all demons Over all angels good and evil Over the natural universe and the supernatural Over objects and laws and forces Over stars, galaxies, planets, comets Over the weather, winds, rains, lighting, thunder, hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, typhoons, cyclones. Over all their effects Tildes waves, floods, fires He has authority over all the molecular realms Atoms, electrons, proton, neutrons, undiscovered subatomic particles, quantum physics, genetic structures, DNA, chromosomes He has authority over all plants and animals From Whales and redwoods, giant squid, giant oaks to all fish, wild beasts, all invisible animals and plants Bacteria, viruses, parasites, germs Over all the parts and functions of the human body Ever beat of the heart, breath of the diaphragm Every electrical jump across a million sectors in our brains Authority over all nations and governments Congress and legislatures and presidents and kings and courts Over all armies and weapons and bombs and terrorist Over all industry and business and finances and currency Over all entertainment and amusements and leisure and media Over all education and research and science and discovery Over all crime and violence Over families and neighborhoods and churches and every soul and every moment of every life that has ever been and will ever be. All authority has been given to Jesus and he is with you!