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At Great Commission, we try very hard to communicate clearly and regularly.

With that thought: We choose to refresh our website with two goals in mind. 

1. First impressions - First-time guests rarely attend church without first checking out the webpage. They want to know information like; how to dress, what to do with their kids, what type of music we have and what time we meet. We wanted a website that answers those questions in the first 5 seconds of visiting. You will notice on the home page that many of those questions get answered either by pictures or content that is easy to find. 


2. Communication to members -  If you have heard it once you have heard it one hundred times.. "You can find more information about this event at" We wanted to take that same concept of having one next step for all events and expand it to all our communications. You will notice a "member" page that has events, news, and helpful links. 

We hope this webpage becomes a simple way for all our members and future members to get informed clearly and regularly.