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We're so excited to kick off the 10-week Love & Respect Study as a church on August 10th! This study is a life-changing way to be introspective and grow as an individual, couple, or group by digging deeper into the topic of relationships as a whole.The content is developed and dedicated to helping relationships; whether marriages, family, or in the workplace. You can watch the video below for an overview of the program.

The priniciples learned will help you understand gender differences and how to apply this insight into ALL your relationships, whether single, dating, engaged, or married. Although many of the examples and questions are directed to those who are married, they can easily be adapted to other relationships such as:

  • Friendships
  • Dating relationships
  • Future marriage
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Sibling relationships
  • Work relationships

You're encouraged to take the material you hear and learn each week, reflect and pray on them, then look for tangible ways to apply it to all your relaitonships! There is a book that goes along with the study, but won't be required for the class.  If you'd like to order the book to dive even deeeper, you can click HERE (Amazon) to order.