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Tatum joined GCC on 03/07/2021

I have lived my whole life going to church.
We grew up going to Sunday school and “big” church every week.
The Lord saved me at a young age and he hasn’t stopped working in my life ever since. He’s lead me to go on mission trips and spread his word and love in Honduras and around olive branch too.
There was point in my life where i kind of strayed away from Him and His people and was kind of getting caught up in “worldly” things but God showed me so much Grace and Mercy and opening eyes to the way of life i was straying down. And I realized that my focus needed to be back on Him and by his grace i did exactly that! My family started going to GCC about 7 years ago and God’s word started making more sense hearing Trevor share it. I’ve recently gotten more involved in the small groups and just being more active in His church. & i am so thankful for this church.