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If you've ever talked to a mom in the middle of child-rearing years, exhaustion and stress seem to be common themes in their lives. Mothers often face unique challenges that can make it difficult for them to get adequate rest. Parenting, especially during the early years of a child's life, can be demanding and time-consuming, leading to disruptions in sleep patterns and a lack of rest.

What are some of these factors? Role Overload - wearing too many hats, Childcare Responsibilities - nighttime feedings/sleep deprivation/sleep regression, household responsibilities, work-life balance, just to name a few. With all these responsibilities, guilt creeps in at even the thought of taking time for themselves! We know there are a lot of great dads out there who are sharing the load, working hard, and "burning the candle at both ends" as well!

Would you be surprised to learn that REST is not only recognized in Scripture but is called for as being necessary to finding peace with God?  Come find out about REST as defined in Scripture and the promises for those who rest in Him in our 4-part series beginning September 10th.  Invite a weary friend who needs to hear about the promise of Spiritual Rest.