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Helping Those In Need – Our Easter T.I.N. Man Offering

Through the generosity of your contributions to our benevolence fund this past year, you sparked a wave of transformation and hope within Great Commission Church. It's more than just numbers; it's about real change in the lives of our members and friends. Let's take a moment to reflect on the profound impact of your giving:

Life-Giving Counsel for 14 Families: Your generosity was a lifeline for 14 families who received biblical, life-giving counsel.

· Marriages were saved, turning potential endings into new beginnings filled with hope and understanding.

· Agonizing parents found solace as they navigated the complexities of raising troubled children, transforming despair into hope.

· Deep emotional wounds were healed, allowing individuals to move forward with peace and newfound strength.

· Relief from debilitating anxiety was provided, offering a sense of calm and stability to those who had been living in a constant state of worry.

Emergency Rent Relief for 4 Families: In times of financial crisis, your compassion ensured that 4 families found sanctuary and stability, rather than facing the uncertainty of eviction.

Holiday Support for 7 Families: Your kindness enabled 7 families to experience the warmth and joy of Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it would have otherwise been overshadowed by financial stress and sadness.

A Generous Collective Contribution: Together, we raised $20,000! This incredible act of generosity allowed us to bring unexpected relief and joy to so many. You played a crucial role in helping others experience the deep compassion of our Lord Jesus.

As we approach this year's Easter T.I.N. Man Offering, let's unite once again in this beautiful expression of our faith and compassion. Your contributions are a direct reflection of Jesus' love in action, providing not only material support but also spiritual hope to those in need.

His grace through our giving will transform lives, so let's do it again this year!