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Check-in Procedures:
    Parents must remain on the church premises while the child is checked in to our ministry.
    A visitor card will be completed for each child the first time that child attends Great Commission Kids (GCK).
    When a child is registered, the check-in volunteer will ask about any allergies their child may have.
    Upon check-in all children birth thru 6th grade will receive a security tag with their name, allergy alerts and an alphanumeric code on it.  Parents will also receive a sticker with the matching code. 
    A GCK Volunteer will escort the child to his or her classroom.

Check-out Procedures:
    All security tags have a security number on it and the parent and child tags must match in order to pickup a child.
    Parents must have their security tag.  If someone else is picking up their child, they must have the security tag. The GCK volunteer must match the child and parents security tags.
    As the child is leaving, the volunteer should take the child’s sticker and keep it as a signal that the child is no longer checked in and is released from our care. 
    In the event that a parent loses their security tag, they will be asked to get a new security tag printed at the check-in desk.  The children’s safety is our first priority, even if it requires extra time. 

General Classroom Security
    All GCK volunteers must wear lanyards or aprons while serving. 
    All children must wear a security tag on their person.  Only exception would be for infants; in this case tags may be placed on their diaper bag.
    Our goal is to have every classroom staffed by two volunteers and we are actively working toward this goal.  Under no circumstances is a child to be left in a classroom or anywhere unattended while they are checked-in to our ministry.
    Only GCC staff, GCC elders and authorized volunteers who’ve completed a background check are allowed in the classrooms. 
    GCK Volunteers are never to take photos or videos of children and post publicly online.  Please use our GCK private Facebook group instead. 
Sickness Policy
    Parents are asked not to bring their children to church if one of the following condition exists: 
o    Temp of 100 or higher in the last 24 hours
o    Vomiting/Diarrhea
o    Severe coughing 
o    Colored nasal drainage
o    Pink eye
o    Head lice
o    Undiagnosed rash
o    Open skin lesions
o    Any infections disease including, but not limited to, Stomach Virus, Flu or Covid-19. 
    If a child shows any of the listed signs of sickness, the Next Generation Director will contact the parents and ask that the child be removed from the ministry area.
    If someone in your immediate family, who resides with you, has a highly contagious illness, we ask that you please stay home. 
Food Policies:
    Please do not allow outside food without prior authorization from the Next Gen Director.
    Absolutely no nuts, peanut butter or eggs allowed due to possible allergies.
    A snack of water or juice and goldfish or animal cracker or cookies may be provided.
    It is the responsibility of the classroom volunteer to check the security tag for allergies. 
Restroom and Diaper Policy:
    Diapers are to be changed at least once per hour and must be done prior to parent pickup. 
    To protect children and adults, male volunteers will not change diapers.
    Children must be fully potty trained before they promote to the Pre-K class.
    GCK does not change the diaper of a child over the age of 5.  In this circumstance, the parents of the child will be contacted.
Sanitation & Hygiene:
    The very nature of childhood behavior can create an environment that has the potential to spread infection.  Therefore, it is our commitment to try and maintain the safest, cleanest atmosphere possible to ensure the health and welfare of all children. 
    Hand washing is the best and easiest way we can reduce the spread of germs. 
    Upon arrival to the classroom, please have children either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.  Please be aware that some children are allergic to hand sanitizer.
    Hands must be washed with soap and water for 60 seconds after using the restroom, diapering and after handling cleaners.
    A disinfectant spray will be used to sanitize areas that are routinely in contact with children, such as diaper changing stations, toys, cribs, mattresses, walkers, etc.

Promotion Policy:
    For birth thru 4 years old, children promote to the next class according to their physical development.   For example, once a child starts walking without assistance, they will move to the 1 year old room regardless of their age.
    Children K-6th grade are promoted annually in August of each year.  They promote according to their official grade in school and not according to age. 
    6th graders, moving into the student ministry, are allowed to participate in summer youth group activities after they graduate 6th grade.
Volunteer Expectations:
    The shift for 1st service volunteers begins at 8:40.  2nd service shift begins at 10:40. Please make being on time a priority. 
    Volunteers are expected to serve in one service and receive in another.  If it is only possible for you to be at church for one service on the day you are scheduled to serve, we ask that you receive. Feeding your spirit is the priority. Notify the Next Gen Director as soon as possible (24-48 hours prior to Sunday is best) so arrangements can be made to cover your shift.