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Sunday, December 10th is the start of our special year-end offering called A Gift for Jesus our Lord. As members of GCC, we challenge ourselves each year to fight against the materialism of Christmas and enjoy making it truly about the Lord Jesus. 

Take a few moments to watch the video below where Don McKenzie explains what this offering is and why we do it each year. 

If you won't be at church that day or would like to give digitally, you can use this link and select "Gift for Jesus" from the drop-down:

A couple of years ago, I had an idea to video and interview some people who had consistently given to this offering and ask them why they gave – how did it impact them. Here is what I learned. Most of you do not want to be videotaped and put up on that big screen. 

So, that idea didn’t work – but in the process, I did speak to several people about this offering. 

One dear lady who quietly volunteers every Sunday, said this when I asked her why she gave: “Oh, I didn’t give much. He is so much more worthy than anything I could give – but I enjoyed putting Him first at Christmas.” 

It was meaningful to her that she put the Lord Jesus first during Christmas. Would that be meaningful to you? I need some meaningful victories in my Christian life – how about you? I have too many meaningful failures in my life and I long for and cherish the meaningful victories of believing in the Lord Jesus. 

That is why this Gift for Jesus our Lord offering is so meaningful to my wife, Phyllis and me. When I proposed marriage to Phyllis, I asked her if she would be willing to be my distant second. See, we both wanted to put the Lord Jesus first – although it is easier to say than do. 

But with this special offering, our Lord is serving up on a silver platter an easy win and a joyful victory. He wants us to enjoy simply putting Him first during His birthday, when the rest of the world enjoys putting a large man in a red suit center-stage. 

I hope after Christmas our members will humbly and joyfully say something like 1 of these 2 things: 

Lord, it may not be much, but it is the largest present I bought this year, or 

Lord, this gift is a lot to me, but it is not worthy of you – but it is my largest present I’m giving this Christmas, and I so want to give it to you. 

Earlier I spoke with our largest giver here at GCC and asked Him why He was so generous and gave so much? His answer was that He joyfully gave for the glory of God and that He loved all the members of Great Commission Church. 

Would it be wrong for me to tell you who it is? I’m going to tell you anyway. Well, our largest giver is the Lord Jesus Himself. He gives and He gives, and we receive and we receive. 

This Christmas, take from some of what He has given you and bring it as an offering of your respect, your love, your belief in Him as the true and eternal treasure of Christmas. 

Express your belief that Jesus should always be #1.