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You can download the advent family devotion at the bottom of the page.

Jesus Christ was born for a purpose. Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in things that are purposeless during the hustle of the holidays.  We have created a list of events and ideas to help you and your children celebrate the reason for Jesus' birth. You can find them in the newsletter.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to NOT put baby Jesus in the manger scene. I like to keep him safely tucked away until Christmas morning.  My younger children ask me why Jesus is NOT in the manger. When my kids were younger I would slowly move Mary and Joseph closer and closer as we approached December 25th. I get to build anticipation as we watch Christmas movies, go to living nativity scenes and attempt to make Christmas memories that point my family to Jesus. 

Everyone has their traditions. Another of my favorites is we always pick an advent and have some quick family devotion times. I have included the one we will be doing this year. You can find many for different age ranges that should fit your family. Even if it's just for you. Advent devotions serve as a great reminder of why we are celebrating.