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Evan Floyd Joined GCC on 4/11/21

- The household I grew up in did not go to church. I only knew a little of Jesus from my father mentioning him from time to time, but we never really had in depth discussions about the Bible.

- I have a skin condition, atopic dermatitis, that when I was younger was very hard to control. I was often bullied in school and as a result of that I became a very socially awkward and resentful person. I really hated people.

- I blamed God for a lot of my hardships and upbringing. Thinking that if I could ignore Him and blame Him for the way I was lead to me becoming an atheist. In my mind ignoring reality was my feeble way of coping with my issues.

- Chris Twilley was a teacher at the school I went to. He shared the gospel with me for two years, and I would constantly come to him with questions trying to trip him up. Chris was always very kind and loving towards me. The love that he showed me through Christ started to weigh on my heart.

- I remember the weight of conviction on my heart Monday night September 5th, 2011. I waited until the next day and called out to the Lord during a Bible study we had at our school. I remember calling out to Jesus to forgive me of the man I was, that I couldn't take the life I was living and the burden of my sin anymore. I asked Him to take it away. I remember this weight being lifted off my shoulders after crying out for salvation.

- Since then, I've never turned back. I love the people I once had resented so. I have a desire and understanding of the things of God and an urge to share the gospel with those who were once in my shoes.