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1.    Will you commit to remembering your marriage covenant and to making your relationship a reflection of Christ and His Church? (We will)

2.    Will you commit to disciplining ___________ in love as the Lord has commanded – in the hope that, through obedience to you, they will obey the Lord? (We will) 

3.    Will you commit to demonstrate to ____________ the value of God’s word as the final authority on all things? (We will)

4.    Will you commit to praying both for and with _________, pleading with the lord for their salvation? (We will)

5.    Will you commit to faithfully and regularly bring __________to meet with your church family. So we can encourage you to do all that you have committed to do today? (We will)

Will you labor in prayer with the parents over __________ and hold them accountable to all that they have committed today?  (We will)