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Michelle Cooper – 8-2023

I was not raised in a Christian home. My parents believed in God but we never went to church. When I was around 16 I started spending some weekends and summers at my grandmother’s. I made a lot of new friends and started going to church and was baptized not long after. I have always known it wasn’t for the right reasons. I have always believed in God but just never made it a priority. 
I now realize that just believing in God is not enough. I can already see a change in my life since accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and having a relationship with Him. I now realize the true meaning of the gospel. That Jesus died for my sins, was buried and rose on the third day.
I look forward to continuing to strengthen my relationship with Him and I am excited to see his continued work on me and my family.

Alan Cooper

I began going to church at a very young age at Calvary Baptist Church in Greenwood, MS. I went to church until the age of about 12. In my teenage years I quit going to church, not because I didn’t believe in God, I just thought I would be fine for just believing that. I never returned to church until recently and that is due to a conversation I had with my son, Austin late one night. He told me he was worried about me and his mom being saved and going to heaven. It was a very emotional conversation, and something happened to me that night that changed my thinking about church and my walk with the Lord. I couldn’t quit thinking about it the next day and I called my wife and asked her what she thought about going to church. She was taken aback for a second, I think, and couldn’t believe what I was saying. Her reply was “I think that is a great idea.” A sense of joy came over me and we attended the next Sunday at GCC. We were welcomed in by everyone at the church and it has been a great experience learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe that Jesus died for my sins and I want to continue to strengthen my relationship with Him.