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Addie Wright was baptized August 1st 2021!


I have always grown up in the church. I was taught the right answers to Bible questions. I just did not hold the truth in my heart. I always wanted people’s approval. I wanted to be liked and I struggled with lying. Then, about 3 years ago at Lake Forest Ranch, we had one night when we got deep into what it meant to be saved. At one point there was a narrow path and a big wooden cross that said on it, “Through Christ is the only way.” While I was walking around the cross, I could not stop thinking about it. I realized I needed to trust Him to guide me to wherever He needed me to be. I then knew that Jesus died for my sins so I could have a relationship with Him. He didn’t have to pay for my sins, but He wanted me to have a relationship with Him and not be punished for my sins. After I was saved, I had new desires and began to want to not just blend into the world and I want to be more honest. Earlier this year, I realized that I needed to be baptized and not wait because I want to let people know that I am His.