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3 Day Reading Plan: How Can I Be Happy?

Throughout these three days of reading, take time to pray and meditate on the principles taught in the sermon. Ask God to help you cultivate a humble and poor in spirit heart, and to give you the strength and perspective to find true happiness in Him.

The sermon titled "How Can I Be Happy When I Feel So Invisible?" explores the concept of finding true happiness through understanding the Beatitudes in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. The sermon begins by emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and understanding our emotions, but also recognizing that they should not govern our lives. The Beatitudes are then explored as a series of sayings that describe the authentic faith and joy of those who possess certain virtues. It is clarified that the Beatitudes are not about attitudes that make for a happy life or instructions about specific behaviors. Rather, they highlight the blessedness and honor of those who possess or will be given particular qualities or circumstances. The key focus of the sermon is on the first Beatitude, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5:3). The phrase "poor in spirit" is explained as recognizing one's spiritual poverty and dependency on God. It is emphasized that being poor in spirit is not about feeling insignificant or unimportant, but rather a self-assessment of one's emptiness before God. Moreover, it is revealed that the poor in spirit are blessed and honored by God, and they possess the exclusive membership in the kingdom of heaven. The sermon further highlights that true happiness is found in a proper view of oneself, confidence in God, and membership in His kingdom. The sermon concludes with a gospel call, urging listeners to understand their need for salvation and to obey God's command to repent, believe in Jesus, and be baptized. It emphasizes the love of God demonstrated through Christ's death and resurrection, offering the opportunity to be part of God's kingdom and experience true joy and fulfillment. Overall, the sermon encourages individuals to find happiness by embracing their spiritual poverty, seeking God's kingdom, and trusting in Christ's redemptive work.

Day 1: Understanding the Beatitudes

  • Read Matthew 5:1-12
  • Recall how Trevor explained that the Beatitudes are not about attitudes that make for a happy life or instructions about certain behaviors.
  • Reflect on how the Beatitudes describe a proper view of oneself before God.

Day 2: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

  • Read Matthew 5:3, which focuses on the first Beatitude
  • Explore Pastor's Trevors explanation of what it means to be poor in spirit, emphasizing the humbling of oneself before God and acknowledging our need for Him.
  • Consider how being poor in spirit leads to a proper understanding of oneself and an exclusive membership in the kingdom of heaven.

Day 3: Honored through Persecution

  • Read Matthew 5:11-12, where Jesus speaks of being blessed and honored when facing persecution and false accusations because of Him.
  • Reflect on the concept that it is an honor to be shamed for following Christ.
  • Connect this concept with the overarching message of the Beatitudes and how it governs the other blessings mentioned in the sermon.

Applying the Sermon to Your Life

 Here are some practical steps you can take based on the sermon:

    1. Recognize the importance of your feelings: The sermon emphasized that our emotions and feelings play a significant role in our perception of happiness. It is crucial to acknowledge and understand your feelings, as they can color your outlook on life.
    2. Acknowledge the limitations of being governed by emotions: While it is essential to acknowledge and understand our emotions, the sermon highlighted that we should not allow our emotions to dictate our actions and decisions. We should not let our emotions "call the shots" in our lives.
    3. Avoid diminishing or ignoring your emotions: Although we should not be governed by our emotions, the sermon also emphasized that we should not diminish or ignore them. It is crucial to address our unhappiness and struggles and seek appropriate support and solutions.
    4. Embrace the concept of being poor in spirit: The sermon described being "poor in spirit" as recognizing our spiritual bankruptcy before God and relying solely on Him for our salvation and fulfillment. Reflect on your own spiritual state and humbly surrender to God's grace and guidance.
    5. Understand the significance of the kingdom of heaven: The sermon emphasized that the kingdom of heaven is exclusive and being a part of it is an enviable position. Seek to understand the teachings of Jesus and commit yourself to follow Him, understanding that being a member of the kingdom of heaven is of utmost importance.
    6. Respond to the Gospel call: Trevor shared a gospel presentation outlining the steps to salvation: acknowledging our sinfulness, realizing our need for a Savior, believing in Jesus Christ, repenting of our sins, and being baptized. If you have not yet responded to the gospel call, consider committing your life to Christ and following His teachings.
    7. Continually seek a proper view of yourself and God: Regularly examine your heart and strive to maintain a humble perspective of yourself before God. Recognize that righteousness and salvation come from Him alone, and continually seek His guidance and approval in your life.

Remember, applying the sermon to your life involves a personal journey of faith and growth. Seek regular time in prayer, study the Bible, and be an active member of Great Commission Church to deepen your understanding and strengthen your relationship with God.