Profile of a True Church

What is a "True Church"? What should a healthy church look like?  Read on to see what we believe are 8 Marks of a healthy church!

GLORY OF GOD FOCUSED - The glory of God is the highest priority, not only in God's Word, but also in all of God's creation. We adopt it as our highest priority.
MEANINGFUL MEMBERSHIP - What does it mean to belong to a church? Is membership taught in the Bible? What makes being a member at Great Commission Church meaningful?
PERSONALIZED STRATEGIC WORLD MISSIONS - Why does the church talk about and pray for missionaries so often? What is a faith commitment to missions? How can the church's missionary efforts become personalized to me?
EVERY MEMBER MINISTRY THROUGH SMALL GROUPS - Why does the church place each member in a small group? Is this a biblical practice? Who was the greatest small group leader in the Bible? How do small groups aid in the everyday ministry of the church?
COMPASSIONATE CHURCH DISCIPLINE - What is church discipline? Is it not unloving and cruel? Is it even taught in the bible? What is the purpose of church discipline? Why have I not seen this done before?
BIBLICAL APPROACH TO PRAISE AND WORSHIP - Why do churches sing? Is this mandated in the Bible? How can we know the guidelines for what is praise and what is performance? Has God instructed us specifically in these matters?
PARENT-DRIVEN NEXT GENERATION MINISTRY - Help! We are not confident in leading our children spiritually. What role does the church play in leading my children to Christ? What if my children are already grown? How can I help my grandchildren?
RESPONSIBLE FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP - What does the bible teach about how the church should handle its finances? What do the scriptures teach individuals and families about money and possessions? Doesn't the church just want to separate me from my hard-earned money? How can I know that my finances are arranged to honor the Lord? How much does God expect me to give?