Origins - A Bible Study In Genesis

Without Genesis, the Scriptures would collapse.

The book of Genesis gives vital information concerning the ORIGIN of all things – and therefore the MEANING of all things –

What you believe concerning your origin will inevitably determine your belief concerning your purpose and destiny.

No other book of the Bible is quoted as copiously or referred to so frequently, in other books of the Bible as Genesis.

In the OT, for example, Adam is mentioned by name in Deuteronomy, Job & 1 Chronicles; and Noah is mentioned in 1 Chronicles, Isaiah & Ezekiel. Abraham is mentioned by name in 15 of 39 books of the OT and 11 of 27 books of the NT. Jacob is named in 20 books (other than Genesis) of the OT, and in at least 17 of the NT.

At least 165 passages in Genesis either directly quoted or clearly referred to in the NT.

Over 100 quotations or direct references to Genesis 1-11 in the NT.

If the first Adam is only an allegory, then by all logic, so is the second Adam.

We must oppose any effort from any source to mythologize or allegorize the Genesis record.

The Genesis record destroys all things concerning evolution.