“My hope is that you experience acceptance, love, and authenticity. I hope you experience something that’s engaging, fun, and inspiring so that you want to come back and bring a friend.”

– Pastor Trevor Davis

Tell Us You're Coming!

When you visit, you can expect...

+ Warm southern hospitality.
+ Helpful teaching from the Bible.
+ A place to know and be known.
+ Kids environments that help instill Biblical values.

Rest for the weary
Jesus Christ needed physical rest and offers spiritual rest

The need for rest (Physical) is recognized in Scripture, and provision is made to ensure that people are allowed time for rest. To be at rest spiritually is to find peace with God through Jesus Christ. This rest is promised to all who put their trust in God and obey him.

Sep 10 –  SERMON 1: THE HUMAN DESIRE FOR SPIRITUAL REST - The purpose of physical rest

Sept 17 – SERMON 2: SPIRITUAL REST IS TO BE FOUND IN GOD ALONE  - The destruction of physical rest 

Sept 24 – SERMON 3: GOD PROMISES HIS PEOPLE SPIRITUAL REST - The character of physical rest

Oct 1 – SERMON 4: SPIRITUAL REST IS NOT FOR THE WICKED - The provision of physical rest


Our services are intentional, well-planned, and sensitive to the leading of God’s presence.

Typically our services are a little over an hour.

We tend to be more of a casually dressed church, but some of our members like to dress up a little. The bottom line is, you will fit in. 

We have contemporary music with a variety of instruments and vocals. You might know some of the songs, but either way we will have the words on the screen for you to sing along if you are comfortable.

Here are the songs we will be singing this Sunday.



Bring them! We have an amazing volunteer team that will be ready for your family! When you arrive, someone will direct you to our children's wing. Our waiting volunteers will get them checked in and ready to enjoy time with other kids and loving adults. 


9:00 AM - 10:20 AM

11:00 AM - 12:20 AM

If you’re a first-time visitor we have an easy-to-find a parking spot for you. Just follow the "Guest Parking" signs when you turn on to Reliance Lane. This will put you near our main entrance. 

7th through 12th-grade students are a part of our regular worship services on Sunday mornings. On Sunday nights, junior high and high school students enjoy times of growth with dedicated adults who want to help your teenager navigate the complexities of being a teenager. 

You can breathe easy, the answer is no! Your level of engagement is entirely up to you. But if and when you're ready to take a step, we'll be ready! 

Tell us you're coming!
It's a great Sunday to go to Church!
Plan your visit!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Here is a little glimpse into a Sunday morning at GCC!

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Great Commission Church

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