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It's never been easier to have a weekly family devotion time than with all the rich, digital content that our Children's and Student Bible Study Curriculum, The Gospel Project, provides!Since ministries both use the material, your teens and children discuss the same topics each week. Take a few minutes this week to read over some of the material and use it that as a springboard for some great discussion over dinner, in the car, or at bedtime!

This week's bible story:  God Is Good to Give Grace

Yesterday our bible lesson came from Psalm 51. Check out the Bible Story Video (posted on the GCKids FB page each week), and have some biblical conversations at the dinner table tonight! We've been talking a lot about GRACE and how that shows up in our lives.
Like most kids, you probably have toys, books, clothes, and plenty of other stuff scattered across the room. What if your mom told you to clean your room and you pushed everything into the closet and under the bed rather than actually cleaning up? If your mom is like most, she would not be too pleased with your effort! Pushing the clutter into the closet or stuffing it under the bed only hides the mess rather than cleaning up the mess.
We often try to cover up our sin by ignoring it or lying about it. Sometimes we even try to fix our sin by doing good things to make up for it. Like clothes shoved under the bed, we can try to cover up our sin, but the mess is still there!
David’s prayer to God did not ask Him to hide sin or cover it up. David begged God to wash away his sin and make him whiter than snow. David asked God for a clean heart. When people trust in Jesus, Jesus doesn’t hide their sin or make them feel better about it. Jesus wipes away every record of wrong and gives believers new life to live for Him!
David confessed his sin and asked God to change his heart so that he would not want to sin again. When we realize our sin, we can confess to God and ask for His forgiveness. Jesus covers our guilt and changes our hearts so we can have life with Him forever.
Pray: God, thank You for Your faithful love to us even when we don’t deserve it. Help us to confess our sin and trust in Jesus to receive the forgiveness that washes us whiter than snow. We will praise You like David did because You are the God who saves!