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I grew up in the church. My whole childhood I was at church, every single Sunday. So, I always thought that was enough and, of course I was going to Heaven! I grew up in the Episcopal church and I was just going through the motions and the rituals of the service. I was left empty inside but still thought that I was going to Heaven because I always go to church. I was so wrong!  
In 2004, we moved to Olive Branch and found a local church here. The more I went, the more I felt that I had been missing out my whole life on the Bible. I started questioning what this “saved” thing was. See, In the Episcopal church, you are christened as a baby, go through confirmation in middle school and then you go to church and you’re good.
I actually started reading my Bible and learning the Gospel. I began to want to know God on a personal level. I started talking to and meeting with the pastor and learning about Jesus and how Jesus died for ME! I had never heard this before and was amazed - and praise God…I finally got saved!
Years later, my son, Nello started playing basketball at GCC’s winter children’s basketball league - and we decided to start attending on Sunday mornings – and have been here ever since. That was at least 6 years ago. I guess time just flew by before I knew how long it’s been, and I realized that I am not an official member yet. I hear Pastor Trevor talk about it all the time - being part of a local church. I always thought I would get around to it eventually, but I am feeling this dire need to actually be a part of the local church that I love so much and feel so alive at. I truly cannot wait until each Sunday, and Wednesday nights here lately. I know that God has placed me here and He has put it on my heart that I need to commit to church membership.