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Please help welcome Alex and Kristen Arnold into our fellowship. May we grow as believers as we seek Jesus and His kingdom together! 


Kristen Arnold 

Kristen wrote, “Before I started living for Jesus, I was very lonely and full of anxiety and fear. I began to fill my life with anything and everything that would distract me from these feelings. I knew the things I was doing would result in more pain, loneliness, and even regret but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. I was selfish and couldn’t get out of my loop of self-destruction.” 

You said that you never stopped going to church or seeking God, but you still lived as if you didn’t know the Lord. The Lord brought along some friends who began to hold you accountable and through all of that you came to understand and experience the saving power of the Lord Jesus in a new and life changing way. 

Now you have a growing desire to follow the Lord Jesus and want to live in a different way – a way that pleases Him. All that came from Him forgiving your sins and making that real and powerful in your life. 

Alex Arnold 

Alex, you wrote that before the Lord Jesus saved you, you were a single parent with a good job who lived a wicked lifestyle. And you enjoyed it. 

You say, “Once my heart was open to accepting the fact that there may be a God, Jesus finally came into my heart and showed me what I was truly searching for this while time. 

What you had been denying about the Lord Jesus, you say He finally revealed His truth to you. You realized your life was not your own. You came to believe that Jesus paid your ransom and freed you from sin and this world. 

We don’t deserve his love and sacrifice but because He gave His life, He gave us life. 

Well, you share how the Lord has changed your life and given you a devotion to love and follow the Lord Jesus.