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Ken Tabor’s Testimony 10-10-2021 

I started coming to GCC and small groups during the beginning of the church. I struggled with parts of the Bible. I drifted away from church and small groups to pursue what I believed. Over the years Julie (my wife) often would ask me to go to church with her, and on occasion I would. 

Recently, after listening to sermons from Trevor and guest speakers preach with such conviction, helped me to understand the true meaning of the Bible and what it meant to truly be saved. This weighed heavy on my heart, and I wanted to change the way I had been living. 

I started to understand that God loves me and wanted me to believe that He sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins. I believe that this incredible act of compassion is the greatest thing that a human could receive. 

I have fear knowing I am not worthy but I will pray about it, take it one day at a time, knowing that Jesus will always be with me. Thank you GCC for all the prayers and most of all I thank Jesus Christ. 

Ken Tabor