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If you've been around GCC for the past couple months, you've no doubt heard that our annual Golf & Games event exists to give our  Missionaries and Missions Partners a generous Chirstmas bonus.
Because of your generosity, we raised about $5,500 at our annual Golf 'n Games Event. In addition, someone gave an extra $10,000 to this missions fund raiser! Here is the list of what we gave to each of our supported Missions Partners:
Light Ministries (Mike Curry) - $5,000.
Donaldson Christian Counseling - $2,100.
Elijah Ministries (Norm Wakefield) - $1,600.
Harvest Evangelistic Association - $1,600
Life Choices of Memphis - $1,600.
Because the generosity and support of GCC and friends, we blessed these missionaries with $11,900!