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If you have a child in our Children's Ministry, you are probably familiar with the curriculum we've used for about the past 5 years, The Gospel Project.  We've used several things over the years that just didn't seem to "have it all". Until we found TGP! This curriculum is RICH in truth, steeped deep in scripture, and it's mission hasn't changed: to tell the story of Christ, from beginning to end. They take each and every lesson, no matter what book of the Bible, and show a Christ Connection.

TGP takes you on a 3 year jouney book by book, from Genesis to Revelation, and when you're finished, it starts over.  Another wonderful aspect of this curriculum is that they LISTEN to the people who use their product.  Over the years, they have continued to step up their curriculum game, adding several components to their weekly lessons, as well as a pre-teen curriculum a few years ago, and NOW, a lesson plan for toddlers! 

The latest edition comes along with a massive overhaul of the look and layout of the curriculum, being far more streamlined, fully digital (making it FAR easier for our volunteers), but maintaining the rich content.  We're SO excited to announce that we just completed year 3 and this Sunday, the children will start over in Genesis at Creation! What wonderful opportunities you'll have in the coming weeks to talk to your children about our amazing Creator, His creation, the fall, of man, and so much more!  They're always so eager to learn, and we simply cannot wait to watch them encounter the Creator of the universe in a whole new way this Sunday!