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Easter is only 1 week away!  It's an 'easy button' for having a church full of people, but also an easy Sunday to ask friends to join you, so start thinking about who you'll invite.

You should come expecting lots of guests, and here are some things you can do to help create a great 'First Time Guest Experience' at GCC:

  •  Drive one car per family if possible: park further away from the building, and leave guest spots open for guests
  • Invite people to Easter at GCC with this link that has all the information a first-time guest might need to know:
  • Check our Facebook page for posts about Easter!  Look for the Facebook Event on the GCC page, mark "Going" and share it! Check back periodically on the GCC FB Page for posts about Easter and share those as well.
  • Make it a point to greet people with a big smile, and meet some people that you don't know. Try introducing yourself to someone you don't know and say something like, "Hi, I don't think I've met you before! I'm ________." This takes away the awkwardness of asking if it's their first time, in case they've been coming for months and you've just never met!
  • Sit towards the front and fill in seats from the middle out. Guests typically come in late and want to sit in the back to not be noticed. We want to ensure there are plenty of open seats readily available for them! 
  •  We'll have a guest reception in the lounge area of the lobby on Easter Sunday. Please try to keep the pathway clear and easy for guests to access. 
  • Look for GCC Texts to share: We'll also be sending you some texts and emails in the next couple of weeks with messages that you can copy/paste, then send directly to your unchurched friends.

By helping us create a welcoming, hospitable atmosphere, YOU can help turn a first-time visitor into a second-time guest! Who's looking forward to worshipping our risen Savior with a house full of guests? It's going to be a great Sunday!