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We all have those Sundays that we're out of town or someone is sick and you're unable to gather with the church body. Sometimes you may experience seasons where work takes you out of town, or "life" happens and you're unable to be as plugged in as you'd like to be. GCC has many ways for you to stay connected when those events occur, so you can still watch our Sunday services - live or recorded, keep up with dates & events, give, and more.  Here are a few:

  • On our website, you will find up-to-date info, latest news,  watch live services, submit prayer requests, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter!
  • Facebook - Check out the latest news and events, as well as watch our sermons live in real time or previously recorded ones here:
  • Download our App for info at your fingertips: ​Check out this news article about all the benefits of having and using the GCC app: ​
  • YouTube - GCC's YouTube has recorded sermons, bible study sessions, video snippets, and more. Check it out!
  • Weekly GCC Newsletter - You can subscribe to the GCC Newsletter, which is sent out weekly and has links to upcoming events, recent news and happenings, and links for how to prepare for the upcoming Sunday service as well as links to listen to or watch the previous one.  Go to our home page,, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your email to subscribe. It's that easy!

We encourage you to watch and interact online as much as possible when you're unable to join us in person. You can participate in other acts of worship, such as submitting prayer requests here:, and also by giving at