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Anitra - Testimony

When I was child, I recall attending Sunday school and vacation bible school. At
the age of 12, I attended a church revival service as a candidate for baptism and
church membership. To be baptized the following Sunday, I needed to confess my
belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He died for our sins. I knew what I
needed to say that week, so I gained the courage to stand up and confess.
As a teenager and young adult, I couldn’t explain the void that I often felt. I tried
to be loved by others and felt depressed most of the time. Trying to fill that void
lead to wrong choices and difficult situations.
One night after praying and asking for forgiveness of sins, I heard the words, “You
are okay, but I am warning you.” At that moment, I felt an inner peace. I believed
the Lord expressed His love for me and that I needed to move in a different
direction. That night, I surrendered my life to Christ. I decided to be obedient and
follow Him. The Lord opened my eyes to see things differently and He changed
my heart.
I didn’t think about why or how I was baptized. After conversations with friends
and reviewing what happened, I realize that I didn’t put my faith in Jesus before
my baptism. I don’t believe I understood and wasn’t genuinely saved at that time.
I plan to be baptized now as an act of obedience and because of my faith in Jesus
as my Lord and Savior.