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I am a new-found Christian. Not that I never believed in God because I’ve always thought I believed. But I’ve never had a relationship with Him until now.  

Throughout my life I’ve felt a higher power at work so many times, especially when I’ve looked back and wondered How I came through these situations. I knew it wasn’t my own workings. I had been carried through many storms. I’ve struggled with having a relationship with Him. I’d prayed so many times that He would come into my life and into my heart. But I had this notion that being a Christian and finding Jesus meant that I had to be a “certain way” and as much as I tried, I never quite measured up to what I thought he wanted from me.  

Something changed when I started really talking to God daily and listening for his answer. I asked him to change my heart, to open it to hear Him, and for a clear understanding of the path that He wanted for me. That’s when I felt that I needed to drop it all, just come to Him. So, I laid all of that at his feet - all my sins, worries, fears and regrets. He made me realize that He wasn’t asking to be a perfect soul. He was asking me to surrender and trust in what Jesus did for me. I believe Jesus died to take away all my guilt before God. 

When I trusted the Lord Jesus, I experienced a greater feeling of peace   than I thought possible. I want to follow God’s path for me. I want to be closer to God and stronger in faith. 

I’m being baptized in recognition of a new beginning in my walk with Jesus. This is to symbolize my commitment to living my life for Him as my new Lord and Savior. 

Angela Glover 

January 23, 2022