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Aiden's testimony



      During the first years of my life, I didn’t know anything having to do with God. One day God saved me from my misery and put me with a better mom. My mom taught me about God and soon I was starting to know him better and better each day. I then realized that in order to be saved, I had to have a good relationship with God. I learned that Jesus forgave my sins and paid for them on a cross. He paid for the sins of people who would go to heaven someday. He changed my life one day when I was reading a devotion and it was saying that God wants to take all sin out of you and put good stuff in us. That was saying that God wants to forgives us for sinning and he wants to make it right. I had asked to be baptized previously, but I hadn’t understood the gospel yet. I got to know it from devotions I read. I understand the gospel now and my mom helped me along the way.

 New Member of Great Commission Church!