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 Adam Lloyd – Testimony 4-2023   I was introduced to Jesus as a child by my Parents and Grandparents. I was christened as an infant but as you can imagine, I have absolutely no memory of that experience. I was taught to say my prayers before meals and at bedtime by my parent/grandparents, and I would pray on my own mostly when I wanted or thought I needed something. Sometime in my early teenage years I began to feel lost or separated from Jesus. But looking back on all the sinful things I had focused on, it is obvious he never stop watching over me. Yet, for many years, I remained consumed with sin with little to no time for Jesus. When my first child, Tess, was being born, I remember praying hard to God. I prayed for a happy-healthy mom and baby, and I prayed for all of the hospital staff caring for them. I believe Jesus answered my prayer in a big way! Mom was doing well, and Tess was perfect! A few years later in the same hospital, I prayed the same for our second daughter, Elin, and once again, she was perfect! I thank God often for blessing me with my girls even though I know I didn’t deserve such a wonderful gifts from God. Seven years later my wife Becky had a heart attack. I prayed to Jesus to save her and to put all the stress and worry on me and to heal her. Once again, he delivered! All tests came back normal, and I was a complete wreck with worry and stress about the near future and if she was truly going to be ok! Was this a wakeup call?? I thought maybe?? I started reading my Bible and visiting GCC and a few months later I slipped right back into my old habits. Seven years later and another heart attack for Becky. Same emotions - similar prayers. But this time was different. I was driving to work one morning thinking about the LOVE that Jesus has for me even though I have sinned so much. I began to feel I could not navigate this world on my own without him! I was also thinking of the endless blessings that he has given me and how absolutely undeserving I was. I felt helpless, shallow and completely remorseful. I burst into uncontrollable tears and remorse for my sins and the guilt for not following Jesus like I should. I believed that Jesus died for all my awful sins and that he was alive and willing to receive me – and that was the day I truly began to seek and follow Jesus!