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Lord, I pray that the truth that has been entrusted to us as parents and the lessons we have learned will not be hidden from these kids. We know and are believing that your word will not return void. Would you grant us every grace we need to make known to our children, even the children not yet born, the path that leads to life?

Make us a generation of parents and educators and pastors and fathers and mother's and hard workers and supporters and grandparents who will teach these kids your ways and how to walk according to the truth, so that they might set their hope and confidence in Jesus Christ alone and not forget your works.

Give to our children, and to their children, souls that are anchored in the Word of truth. Sustain in them a deep assurance of things hoped for like Noah and Abraham.

Turn the hearts of these kids away from the deceptive promises of sin and toward the all-satisfying promises of God... that they might be strong and confident and secure and ready and bold to lay down their lives for the sake of the ministry and the glory of God.

May our children live as a temporary residence on this earth who desire you, and all that you have promised, more than they desire money, more than intimacy, more than power, more than popularity, more than anything else. Give them faith—that can stand even when crisis comes and when tragedy strikes.

May they never lose sight of the reality that You are better than what life can give them now and better than what death can take from them later.

Thank You for the amazing teachers who have devoted their lives to serve our children. As they navigate this unique school year, fill them with the strength to lead and thrive in their classroom—whatever it may look like! Protect their bodies from illness and their spirits from weariness as they pour into the next generation through education.

Help them run the race that you have set before them, holding fast to faith, hope and love until that day when your Kingdom comes in all its glory, and truth once and for all triumphs over sin and death and sadness and tears and all that hinders the everlasting joy that is ours through Jesus Christ. amen