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3 Day Reading Plan: How Can I Be Happy When My Heart Is Broken?

Day 1:

  • Read Matthew 5:1-12, the passage that contains the Beatitudes. Reflect on how Jesus redefines happiness and blessedness according to heaven's definition.
  • Think about the specific context in which Jesus delivered these teachings, considering the persecution, rejection, and loss that his disciples were facing for following him.
  • Read and meditate on Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Consider the different forms of mourning and the reasons behind them mentioned in the sermon.

Day 2:

  • Read Hebrews 12:6 and James 1:2-3, which emphasize the idea that suffering and trials can produce patience, endurance, and ultimately lead us to a deeper understanding and experience of God's comfort.
  • Reflect on the concept that pain rearranges our priorities and prompts us to seek God's help, especially in moments when we realize our inability to conquer evil on our own.
  • Consider the examples of Charles Simeon and his enduring faith amidst intense opposition. Read Psalm 119:136 in light of the challenges Simeon faced and how he mourned the unbelief and disregard for God's law in his culture.

Day 3:

  • Read Ecclesiastes 7:2-4, focusing on how sorrow and mourning can lead to a better understanding of our own brokenness and the need for God's guidance and comfort.
  • Reflect on the idea that as Christians, we should not shy away from mourning over the sin and unbelief that still exists in the world, but rather allow it to move us to evangelism and intercession.
  • End the reading plan by re-reading Matthew 5:4 and meditating on the promise of comfort for those who mourn. Remember that God's comfort is available to us even in the midst of brokenness and suffering, and that He will ultimately bring us through it.