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We have an exciting adventure for our GCKids Ministry! March 17th through May 19th, when your children join us on Sunday Mornings they'll be whisked away to a tropical paradise and enjoy exciting beach-themed lessons, games, and activities. 

The lessons will each point to a beatitude from Jesus' well-known Sermon on the Mount, and will learn important biblical truths about what it means to be humble and gentle, what it looks like to forgive, why who you hang out with matters, and much more! It's a great opportunity to invite a friend to enjoy the fun, as we head to the beach each week!

Here's the schedule of events:

Mar 17 Matt 5:1-12 HANG 8 DUDE  - What are the Beatitudes?

Mar 24 1 Sam 24:1-7 ON YOUR KNEES DUDE - What Does it Mean to be Humble?

Mar 31 Luke 23:26-27 TOUGH BREAK DUDE - Jesus Promises to Comfort Us.

April 7 Eh 4:29-32 TAKE IT EASY DUDE - How Can I Be Gentle? 

April 14 John 4:1-26 THAT’S RIGHTEOUS DUDE - Can Jesus Help Us Overcome Sin?

April 21 Matt 18:21-35 GIVE EM A BREAK DUDE - What Does It Look Like to Forgive?

April 28 Prov 4:10-19 NICE HEART DUDE - Who You Hang Out With Matters.

May 5 Matt 5:23-26 CHILL OUT DUDE - How Can I Be A Peacemaker?

May 12 Acts 5:17-42 SHAKE IT OFF DUDE - How Can I Stand Up for Jesus?

May 19 Matt 5:1-12 HAND 8 DUUUUUDE - Reviewing the Beatitudes