The Mississippi High School Activities Association Rule book is our framework for game play.



  1. Have Fun Rule. All players, coaches, referees, and other participants are required to have fun and help others do the same. 
  2. Share the Shots Rule. No player is allowed to attempt more than two consecutive shots.  This applies even if the ball changes possession.  If a player is fouled and shoots free throws, the free throws do not count as an additional attempt. (no ball-hogging!) Possession turns over to the other team.
  3. Emerging Star Rule. Emerging stars are players whose skill level does not match the average to above average players on court. They are designated by an armband each game. Initial determination is made by coaches. Referees or League Directors may intervene/overrule designations of emerging stars (no abusing this rule). This is a courtesy rule that will be strictly enforced. Coaches should advise parents what the rule means and encourage them not to comment about it. (seriously) The only player who is allowed to defend (i.e. steal the ball off the dribble from, intercept a pass from, or block the shot of) an emerging star is another emerging star.  Emerging stars are marked with an * asterisk (*) on the roster.   A blocked shot will be counted as a made basket with a bonus free throw if made by a non-emerging star.  A steal or interception will be whistled and the ball returned to the team that had possession or foul shots awarded at the referees’ discretion.
  4. Ten Point Lead Rule. If a team gets a 10 point lead they can only defend the other team inside the free throw lane.  When the team with a 10 point lead is on offense they can only shoot the ball from outside the free throw lane.  The 10 Point Lead Rule remains in effect for the remainder of the quarter unless the team that was behind ties the score or takes the lead.  If a team has a 10 point lead at the beginning of a quarter, the 10 point rule will be in effect to begin the quarter. This is a courtesy rule that will be strictly enforced. Coaches should advise parents what the rule means and encourage them not to comment about it. (seriously)
  5. Free Throw Grace Rule. Players who cannot shoot from the 15 foot line will be allowed to shoot from the 10ft, 8f, or 6ft line at the referees’ discretion. (We want players to score as many points as possible and seek to make it as easy as possible)
  6. No, No Rules. (a) No full court pressing is allowed.  The offensive team must cross inside the 3-point line before being defended (b) No intentional stalling is allowed.  A team that stalls will be warned first.  If they continue to stall the ball, possession will be awarded to the other team.  (c)  No players will foul out.  (d)  No intentional fouls are allowed.  The player fouled intentionally will be awarded a basket and a bonus foul shot.  (e)  There will be no jump balls.  The home team will have 1st  From there on possession will alternate. Possession arrow is switched once the ball is put in play. The arrow points to a basket not the bench.
  7. Out of bounds. The walls and front of stage are out of bounds – also if the ball touches anything in the bench area including the scorer’s table, chairs or a person. All parts of the basket behind the backboard is also out of bounds.
  8. Playing Time & Substitutions. Each player should be allowed to play basically an equal amount of time (i.e. one player is not allowed to play all four quarters while another only gets to play two).  Substitutions should only be made between quarters or at the halfway point in the quarter (coaches & referees can adjust this for their game only if both sides agree at the beginning).  Opposing coaches should also mutually agree prior to the game to rest their strongest players the same quarter. It helps to always have a ball-handler in the game so that everyone on your team can get open shots.
  9. Game time. 8 minute quarters with a running clock except the last two minutes of the game. 3 minute overtime periods without a running clock. 3 point shots count but are not recommended. Leader discretion.
  10. Official score. Score sheet is the official score. Make sure the score board matches the score sheet and not the other way around.
  11. Time-outs. One 30-second timeout per quarter for each team. They do not roll over.
  12. Memory Verses. Each team will recite their memory verse as a team prior to each game citing the reference, quoting the verse, then citing the reference again.

I understand that I will be asked to leave a game or practice if I do not display a fun first attitude. I also understand that a second offence will remove my child from the league with no refund.



Skills clinics are mandatory for all players, coaches & assistants to attend (appropriate clinic for each age group). Basketball fundamentals will be taught, demonstrated and drilled at the clinics. The clinics will conclude with the all-important evaluation full court scrimmage games.


Rosters are populated as evenly as possible based on evaluations from the scrimmages at the end of the skills clinics.

Game play will be 4 on 4 (or 3 on 3) with a maximum roster size of 6 players.

5-6 year olds Goal height is 8ft.

7-8 year olds Goal height is 8 ft 9in.

9-10 year olds Goal height is 9ft 3in.

10-12 year olds Goal height is 9ft 9in.



Because we have limited practice time, practice slots will be limited to 45 minute sessions, half court. Also, coaches should work together and be flexible when changes are requested. Practice is mandatory particularly because of the memory verse expectation. Practice schedule is first come first serve, with a grace perspective (be kind!)