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Who are Small Groups for?

  • Small Groups are primarily for adults; however, we do have groups that are for teenagers. Some groups may be geared toward women and some toward men, while others may be for both men and women. We highly encourage all regular attenders and members of GCC to join a group.

What can I expect when I go to a group meeting?

  • The leader of each group determines where his/her group is planning to meet. It may be in his/her home or at the church building. Each meeting should consist of announcements, facilitator-led discussion time, Christ-centered fellowship and prayer. Some groups may include a time of eating, as well.

How long is the commitment to the group?

  • Our small groups consist of (3) three month meeting increments a year – January thru March, May thru July, and September thru November. In the off months (April, August and December), everyone signs up for the next term for the group they would like to join. This allows everyone an easy out if something in life changes, like a work schedule, that prevents the group member from being able to attend. If you enjoy meeting different people, this is an opportunity for you to try different groups.

What if my spouse does not want to come with me?

  • No problem. Feel free to sign up for a group even if your spouse won’t or can’t attend. Many people are in the same situation and for various reasons. Don’t miss the opportunity for Christian fellowship and the encouragement from other believers in Christ.

I’m not free on Wednesdays. Are other days available?

  • It depends on what groups are available that particular term. It is common for us to have groups on Sunday nights, Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights and during one service on Sunday mornings.

What steps should I take to get involved in a group?

  • Be sure to check out our Sign-up Sheets on Sunday mornings during those “Sign up months”. Feel free to contact Angie Davis at adavis@gccob.com to sign up or inquire about Small Groups.

What do kids do during the group meetings?

  • While some groups don’t offer childcare, others offer it in their home and the group members pool their funds to pay for a babysitter. Other groups have only a few so they play or watch a movie in another room while the adults meet. Also, usually on Wednesdays, several groups meet at the church building and pool their resources to provide childcare. In this case, a few dollars per family will meet the childcare provider’s needs.

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