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Discover Discipleship

This course is a series of classes and experiences that are designed to help you connect into life at Great Commission Church, grow as a believer and thrive in every area of your life.

Discover Discipleship 1:

Connecting Into Great Commission Church

Hear the story of Great Commission Church, our purpose, vision and core values and how we are structured. We will take a look at God’s design and purpose for the local church and what it means for our lives as believers. We will also discuss what membership means to us and talk about your next steps.

Discover Discipleship 2:

Strengthening Your Relationship with God

Find out how to build a healthy, thriving relationship with God. You’ll hear practical ideas on how to have an intimate and personal relationship with God through bible study and prayer. You will also learn how to be empowered to live a Christ centered, holy spirit filled life.

Discover Discipleship 3:

Living a God First Life

Putting God first is at the very core of our Christian faith. We will explore what putting God first looks like in our time and talent through serving in the local church and in our treasure through giving. We will learn about opportunities to get involved through serving, Great Groups and Outreach.

Discover Discipleship 4:

Building God’s Kingdom

Learn how we can each be a part of building God’s Kingdom and fulfill the Great Commission as we serve alongside each other to build the local church. We’ll look at what it means to build God’s Kingdom, through serving and evangelism.

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